Body Waxing and Hair Removal


 At Kam Hair and Body Spa in Elgin we offer the most up to date, safe, permanent hair removal treatment available to remove unwanted hair. Our beauty professionals will advise you, helping you choose between Intense Pulse Light Treatment which is a permanent hair removal, or waxing, a temporary hair removal treatment.

Almost any area of the body can be waxed and services at Kam Hair and Body Spa include waxing of the legs, eyebrow, bikini, Brazilian, Hollywood, back, lip, chin and underarm. Talk to our beauty experts in complete confidence to discuss your waxing requirements. A consultation before Intense Pulse Light treatment is required, to give you detailed information on how it works, the treatment procedure, prices and aftercare advice.

What is Intense Pulse Light Treatment?

Intense pulses are distributed over a range of wavelengths for removal of unwanted hair, virtually pain free and clinically safe. Ask your beauty professional for advice to see if you are a suitable candidate for this treatment.

Intense Pulse Light treatment is also used to treat birthmarks, facial thread and spider veins, photo rejuvenation, pigmented and vascular lesions. Conditions treated also include the treatment of rosacea and sun damaged skin.

What Is Waxing?


Waxing is a temporary hair removal treatment to remove unwanted hair. Waxing removes hair from the root quickly giving long lasting results leaving your skin soft and smooth.


How long will my wax treatment last?

At KAM Hair and Body Spa we advise you to book a hair removal appointment every four to five weeks to keep your skin hair free!  

Waxing after care

Once you have had your hair removal appointment avoid a hot bath, steam, swimming or sun exposure for up to 24 hours as your skin may be a little sensitive. Your beauty professional at KAM Hair and Body Spa will advise you on any after care after your waxing treatment.

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